Forum Thread: Best Watch Movies and YTS Torrent Alternative - Top 9 Websites 2018

The purpose of these websites compilation many famous torrent and streaming websites got downed and arrested the YTS and Solarmovie owners according to TorrentFreak. Torrent is good to share flies but some people use them to distribute illegally and generate money. Just keep in mind that it's illegal business.

We have created the list of most popular yts yify torrent and streaming sites based on people choice and popularity on the internet.

Here Are the 4 Best YIFY YTS Torrent Alternative:

1. - Alexa Rank 6k (YTS YIFY Official)

Yify reborn with name of YTS.VG, it is now well known piracy site which become popular in few years. It's most amazing and well design movie pirate torrent site.

2. - Alexa Rank 107k (YTS YIFY Mirror)

It is mirror site of YTS official website and getting rank very fast.

3. - Alexa Rank 111k (YTS YIFY Mirror)

It is alternative of official YTS website which was previously working with domain and now they recently change it.

4. - Alexa Rank 5k (YTS original)

This YTS is the original YIFY which is own by YTS.VG now. And they recently redirected the site to another domain.

Here Are Five Best Streaming Websites Alternative:


0123Movies born after gomovies and 123movies, It became very popular with in two years. And gain people trust very quickly.


123NetFlix is born in 2016 and their major website banned because of Phishing complain by NetFlix owner as they were ranking in many major countries so domain provide blocked the domain name of and


This streaming website is good looking site to watch movies and tv shows. They always surf hd quality quality site but they do not host the movies files, open load store the files.


B movies reborn with the name of F movies, it became very popular in three years and getting rank day by day.


Putlocker originally banned and out of index by google and many other putlocker reborn but putlocker pt is the one who compile movies and tv shows very well and update regularly.

Note: The Alexa Ranks mentioned in this list were the same at the time of writing this post.

Important: The names of the websites mentioned in the list are only for an informative purpose. These websites may contain links to gain access to pirated content. We do not support or promote distribution of illegal content in any degree of our consciousness.

If you have something more to add, tell us in the comments below.

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