Forum Thread: NRI Theme in the Movies Is Back and You Can't Afford to Miss the Epic Film Target Killing Based on the Same Issue

Filmmaker Karan Johar was the man who introduced the NRI theme in the movies and it seems like he only has the copyright of this theme. But when Karan initiated another themes in his films, NRI just got vanished from Indian Film Industry.

But South Indian Film Industry has reinvented the theme with a twisted flavor. You might be happy but still confused what is the scene basically, right? Not to get worry so much dear internet warriors ! Director Vasu Varma is all set to burn fire in the movie industry with his new venture Target Killing- an action packed blockbuster movie.

This movie is produced by veteran filmmaker Dil Raju under Shri Venkateshwara Creations. The pivotal roles in the films are played by Sunil, Dimple Chopra, Nikki Galrani, Mukesh Rishi and Ashutosh Rana. The story of the film revolves around an NRI Krishna who wants to visit his home country India but somehow situations made him stuck back in the foreign land. But our rebellious character managed to flew away to India without being consent about his family.

The main drama comes here as he is being targeted by some unknown peoples and this makes him wonder what to do next? He get involved with a family but on later revelations makes him feel that he has a past connection with this family. Also, a love cupid makes his terrible life more volatile which he has to deal with ease.

What happens next? How is story taken forward is the main element which is considered as the engaging factor of this movie. Because in this part you will see action, romance and comedy which goes hand in hand in the film making audience traction very much easy. Also, superstar Sunil who is known for his comic timing is a sure shot to watch. The legend Brahmanandam is also there in the movie to make you laugh at the utmost.

Mr. Kalapi Nagada the face of Cinekorn Movies is very much sure about the film and says " The time when i got to know about the fascinating theme of NRI, i was sure that this is going to be a hit ! I am hoping for the best to come but till now, responses are very much positive and in fact overwhelming." Cinekorn Movies deals with acquisition, syndication and distribution of Regional Movies and they are already the big players of the content on digital platform.

Our South Indian Movie Expert Mr. Agam Mishra has watched the movie and he is quite happy with the finished product. He said " The time when you watch movie, you get to know more about this NRI Krishna who get trapped in mysterious situations when he flew to India. This makes the film with the highest engaging factor. I just got my eyes fixed on it so much that I was going with the story and characters. I am 100% sure that this is going to be a super duper hit and people will love this drama based on NRI theme."

So much is said about this movie, but you are still waiting here by reading the article. Why? Go and watch the movie right now.

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