Forum Thread: Who started this trend?

I notice that most movies now have separate posters for each character in the movie, almost to the point where it feels like it is in the actors contracts.

Does anyone know what the first movie that did this was?

It wasn't harry potter, but they sure do have a lot of characters to use this technique till the half blood prince comes home.

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Here is a very recent release example.

Man there is a lack of creativity going on to sell movies these days... 

That's a poster with all the actors, which is what they all use to do, but now they make special posters for each character which is so over the top.  I'm trying to find the first ensemble cast movie that they made separate posters for each character.  It reminds me of all the Hollywood Reporter Ads for actors trying to get nominated for a movie that they have no chance to get nominated for.

Don't know if this was the first to do this but Batman Returns was the first to come to my mind.  Plus it had some pretty awesome posters all around.

(oh... i just stumbled upon your site.  great site!)

Yeah, maybe that was the first one.  I do certainly remember that.


The Dick Tracy movie starring Warren Beatty and Madonna did this in 1990, not as photographs, but separate movie posters for each character.

Batman Returns came out in 1992.

Yep this is the earliest by date for sure.

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