News: Disney Tangled (2010)

Disney Tangled (2010)

Disney Tangled (2010)

Looks like Disney was originally going to call it Raiponce - I think Tangled is much better.

Disney Tangled (2010)

Disney Tangled (2010)

Here are the movie trailers for the feature film "Tangled" by Disney.

(1) Tangled Trailer #1, (2) Tangled Trailer#2

Here are 6 movie clips from the feature film "Tangled"

(1) The Lantern Song, (2) How you doin', (3) Reluctant Alliance, (4) Frying pan fight, (5) I've got a dream, (6) Horsing around

Here are 5 more clips from Tangled.

(1) The snuggly duckling, (2) The smolder, (3) Person in my closet, (4) Wet willy, (5) Mother Gothel

Tangled (2010) opens this week in theaters everywhere.

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