News: Recut Movie Trailers - Horror Versions

Recut Movie Trailers - Horror Versions

It's often said an editor can do anything with the footage he or she is given.  The following collection of trailers proves this point.   We are all familiar with these films, some are comedies, some are family dramas, and some are animated children's movies but what unites them all here today is them being RE-CUT into full blown HORROR MOVIES.

Enjoy the talent of what a great editor can do... to promote your film.

"Home Alone" as a Horror Movie.

"The Lion King" as a Horror Movie

"Dumb and Dumber" as a Horror Movie

"Sleepless in Seattle" as a Horror Movie

"Rain Man" The Horror Movie.

"The Incredibles" The Horror Ghost Story.

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The Rainman horror movie I really want to see!

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