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News: Sean Young's Super-8 Movies From Dune

Its amazing the access actors have to sets and what they could share with us if they took the time to document their experience. Sean Young has done just that, by sharing her Super-8 films from the making of the David Lynch Classic Sci-Fi Film - Dune. Shot in Mexico City in the Spring of 1983, this 6 minute film is a must see for Dune or David Lynch lovers.

News: Total Recall - Movie Trailer & Poster

Here is the video within the film that advertises the TOTAL RECALL service. Here is a modern recut version of the Total Recall Trailer. Here is the original Total Recall Trailer. They have announced a remake of this film which I believe is already in production with Colin Farrell playing the Schwarzenegger part.


Film posters are rubbish. That wasn’t always the case, but somewhere along the way the wrong people took over and film posters went from something you’d want in a frame on your wall to something that isn’t even palatable outside a cinema. Tyler Stout, an illustrator from Washington, may turn out to be our saviour. Go to his site and you’ll see his excellent music and skateboard art – but it’s his incredible film work that is really helping him make a name for himself.

News: Enter the Void

Here is the movie trailer for "Enter the Void" Talking about "ENTER THE VOID" at Sundance Here is the Crew talking about the film at Cannes Film Festival 2009. Here is the mad paced acid enhanced opening title sequence from "ENTER THE VOID" Can't wait to see this F#@$% up film.